Product Range

GM Hydraulic Product Range

Motorised Bearing Extractor GM BEM 30

Hydraulic Bearing Extractor GM BET - Series

Motorised CTRB Extractor GM CTRB100

Hydraulic Stackers GM ST - Series

Hydraulic Puller GMP - Series

Hydraulic Pallet Truck GM PT - Series

Hydraulic Puller with Separate Hand Pump GMS - Series

AC / DC Stackers GM ST 902 / 903 - Series

Hydraulic Puller with Inbuilt Pump GMM - Series

Hydraulic Scissor Lift GM SS 910 /909 Series

Hydraulic Puller with Inbuilt Pump & Separator GMR - Series

Drum Lifter cum Tilter GM DT - Series

Bearing Pullers GMBP - Series

Hydraulic Power Pack GM PC - Series

Bearing Fitting Tool Kit

High Pressure Oil Injector GM IP - Series

GM Induction Bearing Heater Range

Induction Bearing Heater GM04

(2 to 4KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater Special GM04spl

(2 to 4KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater GM10

(6 to 10KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater GM12

(12 to 16KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater GM25

(25 to 40KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater GM50

(50 to 80KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater GM100

(100 to 150KVA)

Induction Bearing Heater GMIR

(25 to 150KVA)

Salient Features

  • Precision engineered
  • Durable
  • Reliable performance
  • Cost-effective

Infrastructural Base

In order to facilitate hassle free production, we have invested on a state-of-the-art infrastructural base that forms the core of our business competence. The unit is well furnished with modern machines and adept human resources. Moreover, to streamline our business activities, we have divided the entire unit into:

  • Monitoring Unit
  • Raw Material Coordinating Unit
  • Innovative Designers Unit
  • Production Unit
  • Quality Controller Unit
  • Marketing Managers Unit
  • Delivery Managing Unit
  • R & D Unit

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